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Sunday, June 18, 2006



Oh, honey, my man does the EXACT same thing. And given the fact that he's not a reader, the care he takes to make sure my place is marked and my book is right where I'd want it to be lets me know just how much he loves me...by knowing just how much reading means to me. :)


I love this. I sometimes wake up on cold nights to the feel of my husband carefully pulling the blankets up over me. There is such comfort in those married moments...


Yay for the bed :) No TV and no radio is an excellent rule, hold fast to it.


Ah a true bookworm you are! I loved the line, "the black comma of his body" You're such a great writer!


oooh, love this.


Too sweet.


This is precious, Precious. And I love that Beaux saves your place for you. What could be sweeter?


Down comforters are the best - as are husbands sweet enough to carefully mark our places in our books (I love that feeling of my guy watching over me in my sleep). Sweet post!

liz elayne

oh i love this. your book tucked under your arm as you fall asleep, finding it on the nightstand in the morning. the little things that they do to remind us we are loved. beautiful.

dutch from sweet juniper

this was really nice. it reminds me how important it is to have a nice inviting bed. whenever I move I buy whatever's on sale at sleep train or mattress mart, but this next time we're going to get a good one. maybe I'll be less inclined to leave wet towels on it then.


Josh does that too. I fall asleep with my book on my nose and I almost wake up when he comes to bed and marks my spot, places it on the nightstand, tucks the blanket under my chin, turns off the lamp and crawls in....

Oh, I sooooo love married life!

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