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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Paris Parfait

Wow! What a lot of memories you capture here. Lovely!


I love the last few lines the most. This is a terrific trip down your memory lane...



oh sam. this is such a beautiful story of a Mississippi childhood. mine was so, so very similar. my daddy wasn't in Korea, but was always working working working-- and my springed rocking horse was named nellie. but the picking locusts, truck rides, michevious capers, and kool-aid stained sunday school recollections-- these are all mine, too. no wonder we are such kindred spirits.


As Lawrence Welk used to say, "Wunnerful! Wunnerful!" I could SEE you. This was so sweetly remembered...and so beautifully written. xoxo


Your memories are amazingly specific for such a little girl - and make me feel the humid southern air and hear those locusts. Lovely - as usual.


Such vivid, lovely memories! Thank you for taking me on the journey :)


What wonderful memories and beautiful flowing writing, Samantha. I'm so glad to have found your blog! Wondering about Acey's memories in the making was a nice moment, and also getting exciting about picking locusts, "like berries". For us it was irridescent Japanese beetles. And I also used to sleep in my mom's bed when my dad was deployed. she would read Stephen King books and be too afraid to sleep alone!


I could never get the hand-motions right on deep and wide, either :>)
I cracked up when you were stomping your feet to make the chickens fly and climbing in the dog-house to see the puppies - What a curious, adventurous soul, right from the start!
Thanks for sharing such great memories.

Kimberly Fish

hi! since I've stumbled upon you here on typepad, I'm mesmerized by your writings as well as secretly reading them.. (you had me at hello, on the entry of the pms mall 3-way mirror dressing room scenario) I felt as if I was reading about myself. and I've been hooked since.

This one is so nostalgic, i finally had to comment.. my Missasip childhood was very much the same. I had a bouncy rocking horse, called Clank or Mr.Clank, because that was the noise he made on my grams linoleum floor. clank clank clank. And i'd go harvesting locusts too. Those times are priceless. thanks for sharing yours. it made my day reading them.

I'm definately adding you onto my typepad daily blogs to read list. :) thanks!

la vie en rose

this was such a lovely and wonderful post to read...probably because it reminded me so much of my own childhood and visiting my grandparents every summer...


wow, you have SO MANY memories from when your were little and they are so vivid, too. i'm going to have to try that. maybe i remember more than i think...

liz elayne

this is beautiful. beautiful. i love these glimpses into your world...the world of your early years. (clip, clop...i could just hear that...)


Oh--so good to have internet again and to come here and read your scrumptious writing, ripe with sensory impressions and child-like moments of wonder. I too try to grasp at my earliest memories which are also swirled together...

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