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Monday, January 14, 2008



I think you should get an award simply for embracing writing as a fun activity, an eavesdropping, music-absorbing, blank-page-butt-kicking hobby! My English professors who approached the art this way, rather than as some sort of universal disease that can only be remedied with perfect grammar, are the ones who made an impact on me. And oh, the 12:30 a.m. posts aren't really so bad. In fact, they can be pretty amusing... :)


oh i'm so glad i read this today because they tagged me too and i'd totally forgotten about it...good...that means blogging material for tonight...

hope you're doing well...i'm trying to get back in the groove of things and reconnect more to the blogging world


Good tips! So I'm supposed to post my own writing tips now? LOL. Thanks for the award, and the shout-out...I'll try to get those posted tonight or tomorrow. Should be fun!


Thank you for posting your tips! I loved reading them. I read every last blog and run out of time all the time, too.


Ah, bless you, Sam, for thinking of me. I love your writing, and so often mull a sentence or two of yours over in my head wishing that I could have crafted it myself :)

I will have to think of some writing tips...chances are it will take me a couple days since I'm usually up until midnight reading blogs too!


Great tips! And love that you awarded Stephanie, since I adore her...and her blog. :)


wow..you're right...it DOES start with getting to the new entry screen! i just wrote a really long blog entry...it had been a while. thanks for the encouragement to just write.


Stumbled over from Stephanie's blog and wanted to say hi! I love your writing style, and you have an adorable baby! Your tips are great--I'm getting back into writing fiction lately, and I find all 3 so true (especially #1!).

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