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Thursday, April 30, 2009



I wanted so badly to comment on this photo on Facebook, but there were literally no words. Just horror. And laughter. And horrified laughter and laughing horror.
Blue eyes?
A Bible?
Perfectly trimmed pimp 'stache?
No words at all.


i guess you can be thankful she didn't include a paper cross. i agree with bethany - no words. but i can still feel his eyes watching me as i type this. hope you guys are having a blast in memphis. and quiet can be good. love the turtle. we've had rabbits, foxes and deer lately.

love and hugs


Is it... wearing real clothes and reading a real Bible? That is just... words.... I can't... Wow. All I can say is wow.


I think that Jesus sculpture is very creative but it creaps me out. I wouldn't want to walk through the room in the middle night and see his eyes following me.

I love the turtle. He's super cute.



So, does paper Jesus just sit there all of the time reading his Bible looking like he has a stomach ache?


It's a week after you posted this and I'm still scared.

And scarred.

Who knows what else the paper jesus may do when he gets up from that chair...........


Maybe she would like the Jesus night light that a friend brought over to us, as a joke. Every time I walk by it, I chuckle.

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