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Monday, June 07, 2010



Beautifully written, straight from a mama's heart.


This is so powerful Sam. Powerful words, and a forceful defense of what you (and I) do everyday. Though we should need no defense. It is so beautiful and full of truth. Thank you for writing it!


don't ever feel like you have to defend YOUR life. savoring your beautiful, heartfelt, passionate words. savoring the every day. the ordinary.



"I work hard to let go of the feelings that I have to quantify my existence right now, that I have to prove to anyone that what I'm doing - who I am being - is worthy and not a waste of time and talent."

Oh Sam. I would suspect you of pulling that sentence out of my head except that I'm not as self-actualized as you yet. It doesn't help that I am the one stay-at-home mom I know in this entire COUNTRY, but I should be able to accept that what I know to be right for our family now IS right for our family now. And yes, it is worthy. It is enough. Thank you for posting this, you beautiful soul you.

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