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Friday, September 09, 2011



Oh, Sam! This sounds wonderful! I am so happy to hear that Thomas (and you!) are adjusting to "school" life. I knew you would see vast improvements once he was going every day. Kids are amazing, how much they learn and it is just a privilege to witness the miracle of it all. Wow. Sorry. Teacher here, obviously. Plus....it is so great to hear from you! I have missed you terribly. xoxo


Hooray! My girls wish they could ride the school bus too. (We're only a few blocks away, and school buses here operate on a case-by-case basis, so... sorry kiddos, you're walking.) :) Sounds like preschool is the best possible thing for Thomas. I'm looking forward to hearing how you fill the time; hopefully it can inspire some of my own home-without-the-kids mornings!


Oh wow! I know I've been mostly absent from blogland for awhile, but I didn't realize quite how long it's been till seeing this...Thomas, wearing his backpack, riding a school bus and everything! Growing into a big boy - though (I'm sure I don't have to tell you), he's still cute as a button. Love the 'choo choo' page. Happy almost autumn!

Wendy Baker

lol... he is sooo cute...

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