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Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I was just going to start on all those papers I need to get correcting when I saw that you posted! I said to myself, "Holy crap, Sam posted!" And scampered right on over. I loved see the actual YOU! Most things we say the same, but Soda??? NO. It is POP. Really. I have missed you! xoxo


Oh, I love your sweet little accent. And your voice/pitch sounds exactly like I have imagined it. :) I'm like you, I don't want to be "Aunt Lee" because it's too short. I've been "Auntie Lee-Lee" to my cousin's kids (who are all the nieces/nephews I'll probably ever have). And "Cousin Lee," which I also adore.


Loved hearing your voice again!! xo


Oh my goodness, Sam! You are just so adorable and I loved this!

The way you say 'caramel' reminded me of a funny story. When I was in DC a few years ago, I was at a Starbucks and asked for a caramel mocha. Except I say "CARmel." The lady could not for the life of her understand what the heck I was saying! She finally went to the menu and started pointing and things. Made me laugh.

I gots to do this accent vlog thing. So clever.


You are so freaking cute!! I\m not doing the vlog because I am lame and midwestern-flat accent, although I suppose I could do it in Swedish! HEE

But I say them like like this: Ant, rout, wash, oyul, thee-ah-ter, i-earn, saaah-mon, car-mel, figh-er, wah-ter, shur, day-ta, roo-in, cran, toy-let, New Or-leans, pee-kahn, both (?), ah-gehn, prob-ab-ly, spit-ting, im-edge, Al-ah-bama, loy-yer, coo-pawn, man-nayzem sear-up, pah-jamas, caht

gym shoes or sneaks
you guys
daddy longlegs
grandma and grandad
shopping cart
a remote


I ADORE this. Oh man. I love love the sound of your voice. I think I MUST do a video post soon now. Must. xox!

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