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Friday, October 21, 2011



Sorry to jump SO quickly in on this, but I see you've posted and I don't feel like doing my work (surprise), and this resonates with me SO much. The outdoors speaks to me, too, re: exercise, although this summer I did very much make use of the treadmill in the AC'd gym. Oh, yes. But even yesterday at lunchtime, I had to do an errand at Target, and when I came back, I felt a cool breeze, and said to myself, "Now THIS is the weather I love - THIS is the time to start (once again) walking/running outside." I really must get back to it. The hiking trail CALLS! Last time I was there I saw THREE deer, on the trail. Like, 30 feet in front of me. It was magic. And slightly scary.

I should SO try C25K again.

Thanks for posting this, it's inspiring. 5 days a week! (or 4!) Great work!!


Does the 5K have to be RUNNING? Can it be walking or power-walking?


Liz, I have known people who definitely power-walked it!


Okay, Sam. First: YAY! Way to go! I am so, so proud of you! You are an inspiration.

Second: You need to NOT CARE about people in your neighborhood. I was there too, I really was. I am back there now in fact. But nobody cares about you running by. I am sure people have thought I may collapse soon as I ran by, but I never have (yet). It really doesn't matter what you look like, plus, if you are exercising FIVE days a week already, you are not even close to out of shape.

Three: HILLS make the workout. They kill you, yes. But they are your hated trainer. Hills are what make you work hard. That is how you get results!

Four: Chew gum. That way you don't get thirsty. I have never carried water, even when I was running forty minute every day. When I got home, well, that was a different story.

Five: I have only run outdoors. The animals and nature cheer me on. It is a gift. If it is storming, I jumped rope. (Notice the past tense...)

Six: YAY! WAY TO GO! I really need to start again, but there is Halloween candy to eat here, so someone has to take that on... Plus, it isn't my priority right now, work and parenting are and there is NOT TIME for more.

This post makes me hopeful that you will post again soon? I emailed you, but it won't send. It is going to keep trying I guess. I hope you get it even though it is out dated by now...xoxo


You are super inspiring! I am so glad to hear you are out there going for it!!


Sam I'm so proud of you! You're one of those friends I'm so glad to know. You inspire me!! So serious as someone pointed out above,

1. chew gum so you don't get thirsty. Also as it gets a little bit colder it will help keep your throat and lungs moist so the cold air doesn't bother your breathing.

2. Who the crap cares what your neighbors think! You are doing something good for yourself. Don't feel self conscience about walking running or evening crawling for your health, mental and physical. 9 times out of 10 they are either saying A. Good for her. or B. Man, I wish I could do that.

3.Hills are the devil but they are our friend. It's empowering to power yourself up a hill. And if you arne't feeling the hill but need the mileage....walk it. Either way use your arms to power up those hills. You are woman who has birthed a beautiful boy and you are a fabulous wife who your husband thinks you have a rockin body............hear you roar!

Wether you zumba, run or whatever us girls have to do for our soul, mind AND body. Doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes or 90 minutes.

Keep up the good work and the blog. I just love it!

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