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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen. Annotated copies are great for getting the feel for customs etc.. This book is excellent, and I recommend it if you're going to spend a whole year with Jane. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1987.What_Jane_Austen_Ate_and_Charles_Dickens_Knew

Very helpful knowing about different servants, rules, roles, and all that.

I think I would've done much better back then-- even if I had been a servant instead of a landed gentry.


Ooooohhh, Sheryl - thanks for that! I am trying not to get TOO distracted by the annotated information. But it is helpful!


This is such a great idea. I (whispers) have never read ANY Jane Austen. Shameful!!

and @Sheryl, I posted that exact same thought yesterday re: Downton Abbey!

Angie King

Perhaps I will join you in your year of Austen. Also check out the Jane Bites Back series, in which Jane is a vampire living in the modern world. Very fun!


El-e-e, you should join me in reading some/one this year! Whatever one you want...

Angie, I would LOVE that. Have you read all of them?


When ever I see that you have posted, my heart does a happy dance! I am so impressed that you are giving this another go! Remember way back when....we were going to hold each other accountable and get through it. And I got to page 10 or something ridiculous. I am not in the place where I can join you this time, but I will cheer from the sidelines. YOU CAN DO IT!


Megsie, I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that we were going to be P&P accountability partners. How could I forget that?

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