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Sunday, November 03, 2013



This is such a beautiful post, Sam. I am so proud of you for walking in with your head held high to a place you knew would be hard to get through. I love how you embrace the grief, and acknowledge the fact that you would rather not. Death is so hard. It is the thing you can't change no matter how hard you work at it. It seems like everything else in life, you have a shot at a second chance. Death is final. So I will remember my grandma, my aunt, my uncle and, of course, that baby that was never born today. A little late maybe, but it still must count someplace.


I'm so glad you're writing. It will help you heal your heart, I know it. This is a lovely post. You're so, so right about the need for an "ongoing day of remembrance."

rena griffe

"In my heart, I do believe it's important to have an ongoing day of remembrance, because that span of death-wake-funeral is just so short. It's only the beginning of the end."

So true, Samantha. Some people seem to believe that grief is an orderly three step process, and that once the dirt covers the body (or the ashes are spread) that the ones left behind move forward in their lives unaffected and unaltered by loss.

"I promise every post won't be about loss or grief. Well, I can try to promise that. Yet today, we are called to remember our saints."

Personally, I don't think you need to even attempt such a promise. Write about what's in your heart. Remember Saint Carrie every day. Or write about other pressing matters (like a new addition to your family on the horizon.) Or write about the little nothings that seemingly comprise so much of our lives. I'm just glad to meet with you here and read whatever you feel like sharing.


Better to remember in a place like this where you can sing their praises and leave feeling blessed :)

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