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I'm a 29- year- old woman living in Southern Mississippi. I love to read, blog, write really long emails, take pictures of my son, Thomas, who was born in July 2007. I've slowed down on all my extracurriculars since the Wiggly One came into our lives, but I'm dipping my toes back into the water.

One day I want to write novels or whatever it is I am supposed to write, for my living. Oh, and sometimes I write poetry. Right now I'm into being crafty, and experimenting (ie, learning) with mixed media.

I believe that it is good for your soul to eat brownies. And chocolate chip cookies.

I grew up as an Army brat, went to a small Southern Baptist college, and learned the error of my ways to become a Methodist. I believe in the power and unconditional love of God, but I try not to be scary or offensive about it. There are lots of questions but I attempt to live into those questions, and to keep the candles lit by being a part of a loving congregation, reading things that make my soul say YES!, and singing to keep God alive in my heart.