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October 07, 2006



Utterly, achingly beautiful. I'm sure she's thanking you from wherever she is...


I'm sitting here wiping tears away, both from your SSR post and this poem. I couldn't go there before either. Thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me.


I should never have read this. I was trying so hard not to think of how it was for them. I only let myself think of how horrible for the boys, sent out of the room first. Now my heart is breaking all over again. Not fair.


(((hugs))) to you Sam, and to all of the children of the world battling darkness with their little lights shining forgiveness.

la vie en rose

...yes we would have...

you have made my heart ache...


I had thought of that time and her willingness to be a sacrfice for others, however not too much as it was so painfull, it might make me self examine my own convictions and what would I do..now you took me there even as I wanted to stop reading..hopefully I would have had the same courage and love that this child did, hopefully I would care more for others than myself...what that the world world do the same, then our children would not have to think of sacrificing themelves...thank you for your powerful tribute to these young ones..m

my backyard

sad, very touching

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