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Sunday, May 07, 2006



Funny isn't it? I can still clearly remember the first pair of "high heels" I ever had (and the subsequent two or three pairs). My mother made me practise walking in them up and down the path so that they didn't 'wear me'. We are talking forty years ago here!!

Paris Parfait

I've been known to reward myself with shoes, too. Funny how we remember important parts of life, along with the shoes we were wearing at the time! Nice post.


"Any woman worth her salt needs a pair of black sexy boots, they are powerful, they give you a fierce walk of purpose and danger." You hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm sure every pair of high-healed black boots is imbued with special magic. The tops can be high or right to the ankle, but boy are they powerful!

Yes, the barefoot route is what I take to work every morning now - from bedroom to office. It is the best, and powerful in a way, too.


Reading about your first pair of high heels, I suddenly remembered mine...they were plastic slip-ons...I was five...I thought I ROCKED THE HOUSE in those babies as I pranced around my babysitter's house. Guess that stuff starts young... ;)

la vie en rose

i guess i need to pull out my black boots. maybe they'll put the sass back into my life.


I agree with the barefoot thing, which is why I have feet like horse hooves and can trollop over gravel and hot pavement with ease.

Unfortunately though I have a thing for shoes, flip flops especially and a knack for buying the most uncomfortable boots in the world. I don't lose my shoes very much, I tend to GIVE THEM AWAY once their moment has passed. Not in the magical way that Marilyn did but more in the manner of "Holy Cow, these boots are killing me, Hey LUCKA! Do you want them?" and "of course, Pooh, I'll take them and all your bread, and maybe some lox, too."


Oh YES bare feet are best--and yes, a good pair of boots... so key!I just got back from a long weekend and came to your site and found a zillion yummy posts. This one especially. But also the bellababy photos (those cheeks!) and congrats to your bro who look very regal in that pic!


Oh, to be able to love shoes... Alas, not me of the size 11 feet! Seriously...11! I wore 10's (appalling but not horrifying) until I got pregnant with my first child. Then all hell broke loose with my joints and my feet and fingers all grew. I had to replace all my shoes and have all my rings resized. So now, shoe shopping is very painful, since nothing looks good in size 11 and it is near impossible to find them anyway.


I secretly (well, I guess not-so-secretly now!) name my shoes and outfits, so I loved hearing about your "indian princess" sandals. And hit the nail on the head about black sexy boots - every woman needs a pair to empower her!


first time here; enjoyed the title and image of your site

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