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Sunday, July 16, 2006



Oh, Sam - What a poignant tale! Was she an angel or was she a poor soul caught in between this world and the next, weighed down by all her baggage? I'd like to think it's your take on the situation - in which case, I think you entertained her well - I know I'm always entertained by your writing :)


You know how I feel about the reality of angels. You did entertain her well, and with compassion and love that simply oozes out of you. One of the biggest tests is whether or not you are paying attention - and you definitely were, with your sore, aching muscles and sleepy eyelids - you definitely had the depth of heart to pay attention. You passed the test.

la vie en rose

maybe so...


I feel like I saw her perfectly through you.


I SO do believe in angels. She may have been one and you were so kind to her, too. Good one!


what a great story Sam.

I do believe in angels too.


GREAT "baggage" story!! I imagine she WAS an angel...maybe the 'test' was whether or not you'd judge her. You didn't, so I'd say you passed. :)


definitely an angel--


I believe in angels too. And also in the fact that every single person we meet, we meet for a reason. We have some sort of destiny with them, in some way.

I just love your writing, Sam.


You're probably going to hell now. Great.

Actually, you're probably the only one I know besides my girl that could inspire deranged conversations from complete strangers.

Both of you have that going for you!

Hugs, Kisses and Project Runway.

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