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Sunday, July 30, 2006



I've had that happen with a cup handle...freaky. And the running down the hallway to you? It's only better when they reach an age where they can leap under their own power into your arms. ;)

Paris Parfait

Some excellent points, punctuated with amusing observations. Well done!


Pasties are so, so, Janet Jackson. I think everyone should watch Hugh Hefner's girls at least once a week. Why? Just so you can see the way life will never work for everyone else.

la vie en rose

pasties??? hmmmm.... how do those things work?

although i'v never had a coffee cup break off in my hand (not a coffee drinker) i have had the handles on a plastic bag give while i was walking to the car from walmart. luckily they replaced everything that broke...


Mine was a big mug full of hot soup. OY!


My de-handled cup held tea many years ago - fortunately there was a table blocking most of the hot liquid from my lap and legs (and no keyboard to get splashed) - but I still remember that split-second of jaw-dropped, non-comprehension: where it seemed like someone had clicked my life over to the cartoon channel. Hope you didn't get burned badly - by the coffee or family business or whoever can't keep secrets.
Wishing you many more hallway moments :)


This is a great post - anything that causes laughter out loud at work is truly great.

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