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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Gorgeous. Scary. I remember Erin, in NW Florida, in 1995, and have also felt that irreverence of staying indoors, pretending (hoping?) it's just another rain. You do want to watch. It's a really loud silence.


I can almost feel the events as you describe them - but only almost. They must come flooding back with such immense force into your mind, into your body when you let them come back. It's time to write it all, Sam. Your words have so much power.


Trying to find a metaphor for the storm's voice...that was perfect. Great writing, Samiam!! Thank you for letting those of us who were so far away really feel what it was like.


Wow. Just wow. And would you write a book, already?


It seems I am out of words today and now I know why-- you've just used up all the good ones in the most perfect way.


It is time to tell the rest of the story. There is so much more to it.


I hope it goes without saying that I thought of you all day on Tuesday, but I couldn't bring myself to come here to read what you might have written. I'm worn down and frayed and frazzled and so tired...I wasn't sure I could handle the extra emotion of thinking about the personal memories I have of that day a year ago. I remember the call vividly--a couple of coworkers were coming by to give me a ride to work, and I finished talking to you just as they pulled up. Wondered when you might be reachable by phone again once the storm really hit. And then all those calls with Carrie--often while I was standing at the bus stop before work in the morning...just wanting to find out how things were there...hoping you were all okay. And I remember that self-portrait. I remember so much about that time. This is a beautiful post, Sam.


this just makes me want to hug you until you scream for mercy. I'm so glad you and yours came through that horrible day intact. xoxo Wee


Here...and listening. Haunting.


Here...and listening. Haunting.

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