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Thursday, August 24, 2006



your words are so powerful. that was beautiful, thanks for sharing.


Were on earth did you get your way with words?!?

And I want to see more of these Seashore photos.


I'm always floored when God manages to do those little things or send us those little messages just when we need them most.


What a beautiful post...and I just love the photo, too. I can imagine what you must have been feeling. How sad to lose a wonderful church but you seem very comforted by your faith, as it should be.


You didn't abandon your poetry - it still shines through your prose, Miss Sam ;)
Lovely post.


Samantha, I found your blog from a comment you left on Christina's, which included a WS Merwin poem. I illustrated a poem of Merwin's and put the story of how I discovered him on my blog a few days ago; you might be interested.

I really relate to what you wrote above. A couple of weeks ago I had an intense desire to reconnect with members of my family, who all live on the other side of the world. I emailed my three brothers and my father with whom I have only infrequent contact. I called my mother, my sister, my children. Two days later, my mother had a major stroke, and now we're all in touch every day.

I'm also writing long letters to my friends, making phone calls, making time for what's truly important -- celebrating LIFE. As Christina says, it's what's TRULY precious.

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