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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Paris Parfait

Excellent post! Really good points about the reasons we write. I like the idea of your "inner satellite," which of course is instinct. And yes, when people lose their capacity for wonder and mystery, that's cause for concern. Well done, you! Keep writing. xo


This faith thing is hard for me. There was a time when it was easy, when I had terminology, and mores, and customs, and everything fit just so-- when I fit just so. It's hard not to fit, especially when I experience God through his people...but now I don't have a people.


You know ... one of the reasons I love reading your blog is that you are such a human Christian. You lay it all out - the humanity and the divinity and somehow it comes together through you.

Uplifting ... an a great ministry (even if that is not what you meant (and perhaps it is all the better for that)


Oh, you ARE such an amazing writer! It just flows out of you, just as words flow out when you are speaking. No hesitation. Amazing, that mind of yours. I love, love, love your thoughts (you know I do) about faith and the faithful and the faithless and all those of us in the cracks and crannies. I especially love the crack and cranny dwellers - my people. Once again, you've said it best. Just like so many of us would have liked to say it. But what we say is AMEN!



It is in posts like these, deeply honest, HUMAN posts that you always take my breath away.

I have told you this for years, even when you were a buzzing college student at a yellow-checked tablecloth penning "flowers, flowers, everywhere!" that YOU. ARE. A. WRITER. In every inch, every fiber, a writer. My writer.

And now I can REALLY say that and you HAVE to listen because I AM A LITERATURE TEACHER AND VERY IMPORTANT AND BOSSY. And I never write run-on sentences and start sentences with "and" and I never, ever yell.

I love you, hun. Keep at it. I believe in you and whatever book spills out. I am so fortuanate to have you, and the oh so formative time we spent together through the years. I miss you more than you could ever know.




Even though you may struggle to "adjust the lens of my heart to what's bigger, what really matters," you always seem to do it with grace. Reading your posts reminds me to clean some of the lint off my own lens and focus on what's important.
You're a wonderful writer - whether it's sharing recipes, the Green Bean Kid or food for the soul, you always bring a lot to the table ;)


This post really made me think...especially, "That I can be Christ in those rare moments of beyond myself that happen, when I am not Sam but a small refraction of I Am that I Am. "

I REALLY need to find a way to live that in my own life.

Thank you for that.

la vie en rose

and i'm glad you come here and write because each time you share a sliver of yourself i get to know you better and feel a deeper connection to your spirit and your humanity.


I had an AHA! moment reading this...and not necessarily a good one. When you began writing about your faith, something occurred to me...that the only thing I've maintained faith with in this life has been...myself. I know--that sounds horrible and egocentric. I guess what I mean is that (and this ties into your later post re not having a real solid upbringing) that I end up most of the time feeling like I can only ever really count on myself. And that's not a good thing. A survival skill, to be sure...but surely not the best path overall. Hmmm. Food for thought. As for your writing, you know I'll be at the head of the line whenever you have your first book signing...no matter the genre. xoxo

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