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Sunday, November 05, 2006



Heaven. After death comes Heaven. Have you read "The Littlest Angel?" If you haven't you must! Especially at this time of the year.


Well, I think Heaven, too - but I interpret the passage about there being many mansions, perhaps a little differently. I think Heaven just might be whatever you believe it's going to be and that's why His Father has so many different mansions in His House, because there are going to be an awful lot of different opinions on this Ultimate Interior Decorating project. And I think we'll still meet up with our loved ones, because nothing says you can't go take a covered dish to the mansion next door, even if their ideas and yours differ! I know I'm going to sound like a nut here - but you asked! I don't want to second-guess God, but I have a feeling we'll all be surprised and , yet, still be clapping our hands to our foreheads, thinking, "Well, of course! Of course, it's this way - this just makes perfect sense!"
Hope my answer makes any sense...


Heaven just rocks and I'm sure I'll be there with a watermelon martini for you when you get there.


Your thoughts made me cry in a year where I've lost three of my dearest loved ones. Thank you.

I always imagine a collection of grassy spots with some comfy yard chairs, and groups of 6 or 7 friends (usually older men & women, I guess since that's who we seem to lose regularly) casually chatting and laughing. A husband with his wife sitting on his knee, refreshing breeze, and when someone new shows up everyone stands up to welcome him with a hug and a "we're so glad you're here..."


I believe that we are all in different stages of consciousness in life and when we pass away, are on to another stage of awareness and communication and thought. We are kept alive by our past consciousness (our surviving loved ones)by being in their thoughts and hearts...and we continue on in different "states". At least that is how I picture it.

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