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Sunday, January 21, 2007



oh Sam...you look so beautiful!


Look at that beautiful belly! Marvelous!

And Old Navy jeans...what did pregnant women do without them?


A little baby bump! :D Seriously Sam, you are so beautiful! Revel in that natural thinness :)


Good for you. You look mah-velous


A belly photo...yay! :) Keep reveling in that body, girl...lovely. xoxo


You look great!


Aww. That made me sad to hear a troll calling you fat. I will just assume a Valley Girl accent and say, "As if!"

I felt the same way when I was pregnant. I stopped focusing on all my perceived flaws and started appreciating my body for all of the amazing things it was capable of. I have never felt more content with myself, or happy with my appearance. I too, ate more healthy during pregnancy and lost weight during the first trimester, not by dieting or morning sickness, but just by nourishing my body.

You are so beautiful. I am so glad that you know this. :)

And I will personally testify, that prenatal yoga rocks! I was able to give birth, unmedicated, and I dare say, almost with ease because of prenatal yoga. I think it prepares you for childbirth much more than the typical childbirth class (but those are good too.). If I could give a pregnant woman any advice, it would be to practice prenatal yoga. It is awesome. :)

Be well.


the only times you have come close to looking so incredibly beautiful was in my wedding and yours. Congratulations on being a gorgeous preggy!


Cursing or not - you have a beautiful bellyful of baby, Sam. You look so healthy and radiantly gorgeous!


What a wonderful bump!


Gorgeous pic! I still can't believe it - so happy for you!


i agree, you look gorgeous!! stunning and perfect!

and i've always thought that being pregnant would be SO liberating in that way. i'm looking forward to it. :-)

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