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Friday, January 12, 2007



We didn't find out for Martin and we did for Karin and it was equally miraculous both times. :)


Hi. I'm a lurker. I have three kids (23, 22 and 9) we only knew what we were having with the 9 year old. Isn't it fun finally wearing maternity clothes so you can announce to the world that your having a little one. Now, I will go back to my shadows.


I'm definitely not a lurker. I'm the most unabashedly adoring sunday school rebel around. xo!


Don't worry, my darlings, we are definitely going to find out what the baby is. I am far too impatient to wait until July!


Hope you had a fun night with the GBK!


It's a girl! GBK says so too.


I'm a lurker! A lurker~!

It makes me think I should be skulking about. Anyway. I really really do enjoy your blog and when I found out you were expecting I squealed a little. Then my husband ran into the room and I had to explain that one of the people inside the computer was going to have a baby.


I can NOT NOT NOT wait to find out whether I will have a neice or nephew. I love you and the little mamfie-beaux-boo so much!


I so do not lurk-- am merely a lazy commenter, ahem.

Just to balance out the majority vote-- I'm going to say it's a boy.


I'm guessing Sam, Jr will be as cute and girly as GBK (though if I'm wrong, don't ever tell him I said so!) Hope you two had a fun night with lots of giggling, and no poking of elbows.


I love my weekends, too, but they seem to be busy these days. What with Bonnie still being here and needing all manner of things to take with her to France.


A girl gets busy during the holidays, so stops reading blogs and what do I come back to?! News of a baby?! Now I must read back posts.

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