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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Your writing blows me away, Chickie!! I can't imagine how the precious bambina will talk because she will escuchen y repete (I meant to say listen and repeat in Spanish to be clever, but I'm not sure I said it right - so much for clever! It's been a long time since Spanish classes.).

love squalor

i love this photo! you captured the mood so well!


dear sam-bo,
thank you SO much for your blog and entries of old....
as my brain has been flooded with wedding planning jumbles, i've passed hours at work this afternoon...reading backdated blog entries from when you were at the place i now find myself. its comforting and causes me a sigh of relief...as i read the things that went through your head as you shopped and planned and didnt go completely crazy.
thank you thank you thank you!


la vie en rose

this is a really excellent shot sam!


sounds like the setup for a good book. (AHEM.)


I love old churches and have always had a dream of doing one up as a home...and God would be welcome to stay in any corner he chose:)


Buildings like this always interest me.


Our old church was sold to someone....and then they sold it to someone else. It became a convenience store. I always thought it looked horrid and wretched to see Copenhagen and Budweiser signs in the windows in their glaring neons. It still looked like a church.


You call this a placeholder?! Dang, girl. ;) "...remnants of God left in the corners, like a spiritual hot spot." LOVE that.

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