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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



I tell you what you will do next time- you will get in the van with me and go north!

You will be safe and have everything that you need. We will jump in tihe van and go on that road trip we keep promising each other! And we will visit friends along the way. :)

la vie en rose

wow sam! i can't even imagine. i hear stories on the news every once in awhile of people still waiting...waiting for help, for a home, for things to change. i think we are forgetting. thank you for reminding us.


Thanks for the link. The pictures are something we should all see.


How cool to see those photos, and darn right you'll be heading north missy.


We are very easy to forget and maybe that's just human, but it is so great that there are people out there who continue to remind us.


This IS the art of remembrance. The effects of Katrina still break my heart on a regular basis. I'm too weepy (just tired) and rushed at the moment to look at the photos...but will in a quiet moment. Talking to Carrie the other night, I said I couldn't believe the storm was that long ago already...it seems like just the other day that I was standing at the bus stop before work, talking to her on my cell (being unable to reach YOU, missy!)...just trying to understand what you all were going through. My parents fly to New Orleans TODAY. And my father shocked (and pleasantly surprised) me a bit when he said on the phone the other day that he wants to drive through the Ninth Ward...to see it for himself. I'd pictured them with their friends (their regular traveling companions) staying inside the bubble of the Quarter. I'm looking forward to hearing about their experience.


This is so eloquent and so raw. Your emotional honesty takes the skin right off of the pretty picture. You and RM and GBK and your enrourage will come here; she knows the way; and you will stay as long as you want, warm and loved and filled with food - should the unthinkable ever come again. Tearing the wound off again and again about what happened and continues to happen is hard and bleeding is not comfortable. But better to never let it heal than to forget and never reach out again.


NOLA was failed and a failure at so many levels, but is does make you wonder why the other states, towns, parishes reacted so differently.

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