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Saturday, January 20, 2007



We taped it and watched it again last night. Loved the Poo song, but I think hubby and I laughed the most at Guy Love. SO funny.

And yet, I still cried when they were singing about things being better tomorrow. Oh, that Scrubs! They get me every time :)

Oh, and did you see Grey's? Were you not just sobbing? And doesn't TR Knight deserve an Emmy for that performance??!!


Saw the promo, but didn't watch. Would I love the episode even if I'm not a viewer of the show?


Ah, Scrubs...have they made funnier TV? Bonnie and Adam spent most of their break watching lots and lots of it. And the musical was genius.


Rewarding myself with that one tomorrow. I know I'll need it after Monday. Or should I wait until after Bella's surgery? Maybe I'll need more picking up then. But hey, Scrubs AND Musical all rolled into one? I just might go on up to heaven.


Oh yes, I loved the musical, too! Brillance.

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