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Thursday, September 18, 2008



I knew you would write about LIAV from your special Sam perspective...that worldview of yours that I love so much, even when it doesn't match my own. I find your faith to be infused with such grace...with such an allowing and acceptance and a willingness to find common ground. And I see that trait in Patti and in her words. I hear in her essays a desire to get to that place where we can rejoice in our mutual human-ness, despite our differences. This is a lovely post.

Elizabeth MacCrellish

you so sm-AHT and good and all around lovely, I'm gonna come hang on your skirt, too . .


Oh Sam, I'm so happy I came here after my crummy day and read your post. You are so right and brilliant, and I will have to get Patti's book. I need more reminders like this.

Smooches to you!


Sounds like an interesting read...or at least you make it seem so! I'm still trying to figure out that quote...


If you're not careful, you're going to encounter enlightenment way before you are scheduled to receive it!

Love you Large............


Reserve my seat on the bus and let's have blueberry lemonade and ginger snaps for snack time. I'll bring the permission slips Great review!

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