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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


bethany actually

I was doing great...till I got sick two days after I commented about getting up and getting on the elliptical right after I read your post, which I totally did, and the next day too. While I've been sick I've been conserving my energy, though today I'm feeling better, we had out of town company, and I walked all over Balboa Park for an hour or two. Tomorrow, back on track!


Dude, I totally want a membership in the Reluctant Athlete Fitness Brigade. If I did not love my dog I would never get any exercise at all. Big brown puppy eyes are a terrific motivator.

As for Thomas, I wouldn't worry about his speech. (Not that you're worried!) Emily had about 5 words until she turned two, and then her language switch flipped on. Will was even later, like 2 1/2. Haley was speaking in full sentences by 18 months and has hardly paused for breath since ;)


Oh, PLEASE sign me up for the Reluctant Fitness Brigade. I've been doing little to nothing and need to get back on track. Yoga/pilates/cardio(eep). You're doing great!


Well, I read about your week-end, and now I need a nap! I still haven't begun the RAFB yet. I am still letting myself ease in to the idea. I WILL, really. Just not today.


No kidding about this being a monster update! Sounds like you guys have been plenty busy, though, so forgiveness, etc. :)
I sat down today and wrote a list of everything I have to do in a day, then a list of those things that make my days enjoyable, then a list of the things that I want to do but don't have time for. Exercise was on the third list. I figured out that I have about 5 hours each day that are not spoken for, and in those 5 hours, I have to figure out how to accomplish all the have-to's, plus fit in any want-to's I can. While taking care of the kiddos, of course. It's not going well. I may not like exercising, but not even having a realistic 30 minutes a day for it makes this reluctant athlete want to cry a little. What do busy (but-not-particularly-rich) stay at home moms do?
Your hats happy me, by the way. I love the cause they're going for, and they're just plain adorable too. You amaze me!

Samantha L.

Bethany, I love that you sat down and figured out your available hours for doing what you love/want to do! That is just so very sensible and honestly, never would have occurred to me. 
Honestly, I don't know how moms of little ones have a super consistent exercise routine, unless they already have child care set up, or can join a gym with child care available for members. I am lucky in that Beaux's schedule is so odd, and lately he's had more time off from work. Even if he's working nights, when he comes home in the mornings (between 7 and 8 a.m.) I can grab some time then, before he goes to sleep. When he's working days it is MUCH harder. I have to utilize the time when Thomas is in Mother's Morning Out, which can be a drag, since I like to use that time for 'fun stuff' like coffee w/ friends, or Sam-time. I know some people are very disciplined about getting up before the kids get up (we're talking 5 a.m.) and I'm just not there yet, or they do it AFTER the kids go to bed. (No way!) So I just don't know what the solution is, but I know it takes a lot of support from your spouse for most SAHM's. Or they are very rich and we hate them
already, right? (Just kidding!) 


in love with the hats. i so want one. and am so so proud of you regarding the fitness thing. because i am at FAIL right now.



I'm playing bloggy catch up tonight. :D

Both of my girls were speaking in full sentences soon after their first birthdays. I don't think my son said three words at one. At two it might have been five...or six. I don't think he spoke much at all until he was about five. Now he doesn't shut up and was tested as having the highest IQ in the school district. I know you aren't stressed about it (good for you! I let people stress me out over Landon). Doctors just drive me nuts with their developmental concerns...when kids just develop differently.

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