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Friday, February 26, 2010



As it turns out, St. Isidore of Seville is the one for the job -- patron saint of computer, computer users, programmers, and the Internet. I think horrific hard drive injuries would fall under that, don't you? I feel for you so much, but there are some amazing solutions for data recovery; I'm holding out hope right along with you.

P.S. - I think I told you I was venturing, albeit timidly, into the Old Testament? Well, the sentence about God clothing Adam and Eve after they realize they're naked bowled me over with its tenderness. I'm sure their nudity didn't matter to God; he made them that way, and they only felt embarrassed because they had done something he said not to do. Yet their emotions, however silly, mattered enough to God to make clothes and personally dress them. It was such a touching picture to me and told my heart that no hardship is too stupid for God to care about it. Not that mourning the loss of baby photos is stupid in any way... just that I absolutely agree God cares.


How devastating! Remember when I was upset that I couldn't get the Santa picture off my camera? I can't even imagine losing all of those pictures. But...remember too that somehow I got the picture anyway? I just know that you will figure out a way. Prayers going to...who? St. Isidore of Seville? I am going to have to write that name down before I say my prayers. Maybe "God" will have to do.

P.S. Miss you too.


Goodness, how terrible to have (hopefully not) lost all your photos and music! All that work, and all those memories. :( I hope the solutions turn out to be ones that work.

And I have to say, as much as I love your photos, Sam, it's your WORDS that keep me coming back. Well, that and your shining beautiful spirit :)


oh, I'm so sorry. I am going through a similar situation with my desk top. Luckily when my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, the geek squad was able to retrieve my data and do a transfer. Hope you are as lucky.


hey sam! I haven't stopped by your blog in ages - but I did tonight and read this story. I had this exact same thing happen to me a few years ago- tons of pictures lost in a hard drive crash...with tears and fervent prayers following. Not all of my pictures were recovered, but it meant so much to me to think that God cared about my miniscule problems like pictures. Funny how the little things can serve to show us the tenderness of God!

It was good to check back in again! And wow, how Thomas has grown up since I last stopped by!

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