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Friday, March 05, 2010



Holy Cow Sam! You and Liz are putting me to shame! I have to say that I am SO HAPPY that Pride & Prejudice is not on your list. I think I read 5 pages or so. I feel a little guilty, but there are so many books that I want to read, I don't want to "get through" a book right now. I have The Book Thief on my night stand RIGHT NOW. Maybe I will read it now so we can chat? I have heard that it is amazing.

bethany actually

That last sentence I SO TOTALLY AGREE WITH. I loved this book called Behold Your Queen! in grade school that was a dramatic retelling of the book of Esther. I checked it out of my grade school library about twenty times, and looked for it at every used bookstore I ever went to. Then the internet came along, and...ta-daa! I had my very own hardback copy. It's an old printing too, from the 1960s.

I have to admit I've never even heard of most of the books you mentioned in this post. I used to haunt bookstores and libraries, and I just don't get to do that much anymore. Annalie loves stories, and being read to, but sitting and looking at books? No thank you, not when there is an outdoors to be run around in. *sigh* I think that will change when she's better able to read for herself, but for now getting to leisurely browse bookstores or libraries is a rare treat.

That British-kids-evacuated-to-Canada book you mention sounds like it would be right up my alley. So does the Cazalet series.


Mmmmmmmmmmm books books books! What a lot of great book things going on! I had a super awesome long run of good books these past months, too (with 1 or 2 clunkers thrown in). Now I'm comfort re-reading for a bit. I agree, there is NOTHING like finding an old love. And also, if you liked The Book Thief, read his other stuff: SO GOOD.


OK, I am mostly a lurker and hardly ever comment on anything, but I just had to chime in about how much I LOVE Celia Garth! I have loved reading historical fiction for as long as I can remember; and I stumbled on Celia Garth in high school at the public library. It is one of my favorite books, ever; and I checked it out of the library over and over. I have never come across anyone else who has even read it! This has made me want to go find it and reread it (again!) and also check out Jubilee Trail and Calico Palace!!

Fritzi Marie

Dear Sam,
Looks like you have been really busy. Are you super excited about Parenthood tomorrow night? I agree with you about Loralai. I think the show is pretty good though. It makes me so happy to see her once a week again. Let me know if you hear anything about Amy's new HBO show. I am on pins and needles.
Fritzi Marie


Seeing all the books on your list, I realized I've only managed a couple of books so far this year. Actually, one and a half. I zipped through Barbara Kingsolver's Lakuna, but am still only a little over halfway through The Book of Lost Things. Think I may need to stop reading at the computer as much...

amy in illinois

I love love love These is my Words. There is a third in the series called The Star Garden. It is good, as well. I reread these every few years.


yes. i blame you for my gwen bristow obsession! and i've got "the help" and "the book thief" on reserve at the library. you still put my reading to shame!



Girl, you and Liz put me to SHAME with your book devouring. Still... I love reading what you're reading! Tonight I ordered books online using the money from selling books to Powells (have you done this? It's a great way to get rid of the "eh, so-so" books in your collection!) and I'm sooo excited to get them!

Samantha L.

Oh wow! What a great idea, selling books BACK...I definitely have some that I know I wont read again, or ever, so thanks for that tip!

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