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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Oh, my gosh, he looks so BIG! He is adorable as always, especially in the sandy look. And that blue sky in the background makes my heart sing.


The arrival of spring is absolutely glorious. Glorious, I tell you!

And while I think that sand may get on my nerves, I'm sure kids LOVE it. My girls would love it! It's true that it's hard to let go of the over-protectiveness. I still am...second time around. Sydney fell out of a tree (bushy tree, that is) the other day, and she was fine. It was a good reminder that scrapes and bumps are what childhood is made of, and better to have a few bruises than be denied the joy of playing outside.

Love these pictures!


Stephanie, Thomas does love sand. He was EATING it! An older boy told his grandma, "That baby (!) is eating sand." And he totally had gritty poop for DAYS.

Glad to hear that Sydney was okay. Climbing trees is a special joy, and I still hanker to scamper up a magnolia tree every now and then. The last time I did it I was too tipsy to know better.


You are SO right about having to have courage to let them be kids! and get hurt once in a while! It's very hard to be a mama. My KT -- my BABY! Only 2! -- followed her big brother to the top of the Tallest Slide at our park one day last month, and it just stopped my heart. She's only 2, my insides said!! She's still a little unstable but I had to let her brother do the taking care of.

Amazingly, she didn't crack her skull. She loved that slide. :)

Love your pictures of Thomas and the Sand.


i've been channeling your sunshine! thomas has gotten so big. before you know it, he'll be off to college! love the pictures and love knowing he eats sand. and i hate to tell you, once a mama, always a mama. the fear never goes away. you just learn to contain it.



It's a popular topic, that quest for mama-courage! Like you, I had a lot of freedom outdoors, and the worst injuries I ever got were goose eggs and scraped knees (admittedly, my knees were ALWAYS scraped). I have to keep reminding myself how resilient kids are... how mine fall off the bunk bed ladder and down the stairs more frequently than I want to admit but always pop back up. All the same, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to send them out into the wide world (or the playground) without recurring waves of panic. It's hard, hard, hard, but looks like you're a pretty brave mom already!


Oh, the sand. My 3 year old LOVES it. He will play in it forever if we let him. I am not a fan of the clean-up, though, so I usually end up driving further to the park without the sandbox just to avoid it!

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