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Monday, November 25, 2013



Oh, Sam. It will all be okay. Did you know that I ruined Thanksgiving when I had the Twins? My water broke on the first day of my 36th week. Nicholas spent two weeks in NICU, and the special care nursery. I totally get that NOT going there would be a goal, and could still very well happen. But I also remember how amazing the nurses were and how I felt like I wanted to bring them home with me because I could NEVER measure up to THEM.

I also have a thing with control. So as I read this beautiful post, I was nodding the whole way through. I remember when I was told I couldn't pick Sarah up. I was 16 weeks pregnant, and she wasn't even 2 yet. How could I do that? I was already taking her family and turning it upside down! I remember being SO scared that we were going to scar her for life with two new babies.

So, I am with you. I understand. And, yes losing that control sucks. Really. But, in the end? A new baby is SO worth it. A blessing beyond measure. You have fought this fight before, you know the drill. It won't be as traumatic as the first time.

I will be thinking about you and sending prayers of "HELP" through out today and tomorrow. I am sure by Wednesday I will be able to change that prayer to "THANKS" or even "WOW." I will keep you in my heart. And that baby boy too. And Thomas. And Beaux.

You got this.

Sending you BIG love, Sam. xoxox


Just want to say that we'll be out here, holding you up. It's going to be so wonderful.


I'm so late reading up, but this post, O! SAM! this post. You are in control of the things that matter: your love and strength and wonderful wonderful life full of good things. Here comes another one!! Deep breaths :)

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