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Monday, November 11, 2013



I don't think you're phoning it in...I think this is part of what makes Nanoblopo so much fun. We get to see the stuff of everyday, and it's every bit as interesting!


I totally agree with Liz. I am sorry you didn't sleep though. I hate that. I had a C-section with my twins. If I had to give birth again, this is exactly how I would do it! I recovered so much more easily after my C-section than my "regular" birth with Sarah. And nursing sucks, yes. For the first month. But then? Easy Peasy. And you know that going in the second time, it is the first time when you expect it NOT to suck that you are shocked and betrayed by it. You SO have this Sam. Really. The second time around is SO MUCH BETTER. Plus? I think you are amazing. Look at all you did! When I was pregnant, getting through the day was an accomplishment. You are AMAZING. Big Love coming your way! xoxo

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