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Tuesday, November 05, 2013



I don't think you're bossy at all. I think you're gently and FIRMLY persuasive. Take a hike, Death, you've had your fun.

How awful for that family in your church. I just read Elizabeth McCracken's memoir about her stillborn baby, and it was devastating. She mentioned how she had always thought such things happened only to Victorians...not NOW. And I nodded...it doesn't seem like something that should be possible these days. Not NOW.

I knew your pregnancy must be a bit on the high-risk side, mostly from the things you haven't said, but I'm confident that you are doing all you can to ensure your baby's safe and healthy entrance to the world.

Hugs, Sam. Huge ones.


Oh, I am so sorry. I had really close friends lose their baby at full term and it was devastating for everyone. It is NOT FAIR. And being pregnant puts a big old microscope on that, which is also NOT FAIR. It is hard enough to grow a human being without having such a tragedy fall into your lap. You have had enough tragedy. Enough. Sending you BIG LOVE and a warm hug. xoxox

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